History of Addison House

Joseph Addison could stand on his porch any day of the week and shoot deer to provide fresh meat for his family. A cold water spring bubbled up beside the Choconut Creek by his house. Trout were plentiful in the stream and it is said that he waded in, picked them up with his bare hands, and tossed them onto the bank.

The year was 1811. It had been a long journey for Joseph Addison from Belfast, Ireland where he was born in 1777, to his farm in Choconut Pennsylvania. He lived a short while in New York and then Ellenville, where he met and married Sarah Chambers, daughter of Major Cornelius Chambers, who served with General George Washington and acquired fame in the Revolutionary War.

Joseph was a man of uncommon force of character, his words were few, but full of meaning. His opinions were fixed and definite, he was self reliant, knowledgeable, thrifty and industrious. He finished what he undertook and assiduously aimed to provide a good home and comfort of life for his family. He succeeded. He owned and operated a sawmill on Choconut Creek for many years. Joseph and Sarah raised ten children. The fourth child Isaac, was the first white child born in the town of Choconut. The rest were Native Americans.

The deer are still plentiful here at Addison House, and the Choconut still meanders by the farm on its way to the Susquehanna. We have an occasional black bear amble down from the mountains, but the wolves, who sent one of Joseph Addison's neighbors up a tree one dark night, are gone.

I think Joseph and Sarah would be pleased to see Addison House today...completely restored and full of lovely Empire and Victorian antiques, and be as happy to share it with you as we are.



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